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Clip Studio for days one to seven

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Recently Manga studio pro changed their name to Clip Studio Paint, and so I was inclined to update a previous strip for Days of Creation, days one to seven. For me it’s opportunity to further work my drawing drawing skills, as well as provide upfront comic briefs that directly relate to my graphic novel. I feel that I have the primary characters developed so that they would work within the world I imagined. 

The comic application, now named Clip Studio Paint, continues to add details that make the process of creating graphics novels/comics more efficient. Along with a bevy of unique fonts, it does provide for a one stop environment to create.

The story and events in the graphic novel revolves around the primary characters, and this page briefly introduces them and sets the stage for the interplay of personalities.

Web comics – Dark Matters Chronicles – days 1 to 7

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Where it all began, with the creation of a living stuffed rabbit. This is the beginning of an ongoing exploration of Stitches’ early years proceeding the events in the graphic novel that is in progress. A series of online comics in full colour allows me to explore Stitches psychological nature, or more so, his condition, to further broaden his appeal.

The story within “State of Mind” is Stitches transition from self-obssession to a place where he sees his value in his newly realized form. These comics allow me to focus entirely on encounters and observations that Stitches has, as a purely confused and fractured individual. As well, it allows me to work with Manga Studio Pro EX5 in full colour, so that I can further explore the various options the application has for streamlining the process of using it as a primary tool.

These comics will evolve in fits and spurts, along with my graphic novel, because I don’t have the necessary publisher agreement … or funds to just get it done. Typical of this industry, slog away doing it first, and maybe it will result in something tangible down the road.


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