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Gorillaz study

By December 18, 2012September 24th, 2014Illustration

Exploring styles is typical for a creative, and fashioning an approach for a graphic novel is an ongoing process for me until I hit upon something that just works. As well, working on drawing skills is essential for keeping pencils sharp.

I like styles that are counter to culture, not mainstream or fall into the typical scifi realm or fantasy. So I come back to the illustrative type work done by creatives such as Jamie Hewlett, and do my own rendition of his infamous characters developed as fictional front-members of the Gorillaz. Then I can take something from that approach and glue it onto the catalogue of approaches that reside in my head.

What I find that is unique about the Gorillaz is that the visuals are very much a part of the entire experience. The music and the characters blend to create a seamless idea that works as a unified brand. This symbiotic blend carries the music much farther than if the music was to exist for itself. It’s unique personality could be lost in the wide scope of the industry, but with a visual brand it stands out. The Gorillaz extend themselves as true artists, and the experience becomes a performance art.

It’s this counter-culture theme I’m hoping to hit upon, when I get past the script and move into illustration.