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In on everything

By December 31, 2014December 1st, 2016General

As a creative, I tend to migrate more towards diversity than specialization. Working where demand neccesitates opportunity to earn a living, and then filling in the holes with personal projects. Past month included website development, some flash programming, print design, illustration and now wrapping up the year modelling a 3D triassic fish.

For much of the month, I have been focusing on illustrating images for a multi-path story on first responders for the Chaos an Courage television series. It’s moving its way to completion, and at this point … time is of the essence. So working quickly, and loosely … I had to turn out a large series of illustrations that conveyed the variability of the story, with focus on the primary character, Adele.

In addition to the illustrations, I worked with the producer and another writer to block out and fill in aspects of the story to provide plausible outcomes. For these illustrations, I drafted out the base images on paper, scanned them in and competed the line and colour in Painter. For illustration work, Painter is definitely becoming my most favourite go to application.