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Progressing Along

By May 14, 2013December 1st, 2016Illustration, Writing

I feel that the I’m finally rounding the corner on script development for “State of Mind.” After a friend, a writer, reviewed the script. I went back and expanded a few scenes, and did thorough edits throughout. I have a few pages towards the end of the story I have yet to scrutinize, but I feel that the characters and plot are coming together, merging into a complete whole.

As well, after many approaches in attempting to nail down Elizabeth, I believe I’m close to a style and presentation that best represents her nature and age. Just another drawing, and another and another, and it inches towards something that works for me, and the reader public at large.

I have a swarm of other projects on the go, of the variety that pays bills, so those get done first. But I suspect that within a month or two, I can begin the staging process, drafting the composition of pages and creating various poses for the primary characters in the story.