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Stitches in Story

By May 28, 2013December 1st, 2016General, Illustration, Writing

It has been a many years since I began crafting this story, much because I was on a learning curve when it comes to story development. I didn’t want it to become drivel that exposes nothing. And so I would consume information from everywhere on how best to write a story, and allow that story to evolve out of the protagonist, Stitches, and the decisions he would make given his nature. I had to take into account that much of his personality is initially not his, and he has to do a lot of back peddling against the inclinations that he inherited.

Now that I have a completed script that gels, the journey begins to convert it into visual form. I do have an abundance of scratches that resemble the various characters that appear throughout this first book, but I will have to do a lot more figuring to bring some of the other untouched characters to life.

For me it’s an unknown process, finding the time and motivation to push this project forward even though the market is very vague when it comes to graphic novels. There are a few books at large that have done relatively well, but there are far more that collect more dust than accolades.