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Elizabeth to fit the intended audience

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While working through variations of Elizabeth, I struggled somewhat with her representation within the book, because initially the previous variations just didn’t feel quite right. I wanted her to fit with the other characters in style, and not appear out of place. For the cover a more mature style is fine, but I wanted to have a character that I can extend more expression. AND this is it.

Press on – State of Mind Cover

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The unofficial cover for the first book “State of Mind” of the Dark Matters Chronicles. Whether I  may some day get the rest of the book complete, it’s unknown … but it’s in progress. Whether I slide it in between the lines, or find a way to go full tilt to completion is a matter having relatable time, when usually, I have to concern myself with billable work that pays bills. It’s circumstance that defines all.

Web comics – Dark Matters Chronicles – days 1 to 7

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Where it all began, with the creation of a living stuffed rabbit. This is the beginning of an ongoing exploration of Stitches’ early years proceeding the events in the graphic novel that is in progress. A series of online comics in full colour allows me to explore Stitches psychological nature, or more so, his condition, to further broaden his appeal.

The story within “State of Mind” is Stitches transition from self-obssession to a place where he sees his value in his newly realized form. These comics allow me to focus entirely on encounters and observations that Stitches has, as a purely confused and fractured individual. As well, it allows me to work with Manga Studio Pro EX5 in full colour, so that I can further explore the various options the application has for streamlining the process of using it as a primary tool.

These comics will evolve in fits and spurts, along with my graphic novel, because I don’t have the necessary publisher agreement … or funds to just get it done. Typical of this industry, slog away doing it first, and maybe it will result in something tangible down the road.

Stitches in Story

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It has been a many years since I began crafting this story, much because I was on a learning curve when it comes to story development. I didn’t want it to become drivel that exposes nothing. And so I would consume information from everywhere on how best to write a story, and allow that story to evolve out of the protagonist, Stitches, and the decisions he would make given his nature. I had to take into account that much of his personality is initially not his, and he has to do a lot of back peddling against the inclinations that he inherited.

Now that I have a completed script that gels, the journey begins to convert it into visual form. I do have an abundance of scratches that resemble the various characters that appear throughout this first book, but I will have to do a lot more figuring to bring some of the other untouched characters to life.

For me it’s an unknown process, finding the time and motivation to push this project forward even though the market is very vague when it comes to graphic novels. There are a few books at large that have done relatively well, but there are far more that collect more dust than accolades.

Progressing Along

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I feel that the I’m finally rounding the corner on script development for “State of Mind.” After a friend, a writer, reviewed the script. I went back and expanded a few scenes, and did thorough edits throughout. I have a few pages towards the end of the story I have yet to scrutinize, but I feel that the characters and plot are coming together, merging into a complete whole.

As well, after many approaches in attempting to nail down Elizabeth, I believe I’m close to a style and presentation that best represents her nature and age. Just another drawing, and another and another, and it inches towards something that works for me, and the reader public at large.

I have a swarm of other projects on the go, of the variety that pays bills, so those get done first. But I suspect that within a month or two, I can begin the staging process, drafting the composition of pages and creating various poses for the primary characters in the story.

Stitch in Time

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The rewrite of the State of Mind graphic novel continues. As well, a new image I created for the shifted theme to Dark Matters Chronicles is done. Dark Matters Chronicles will be the name of a proposed series, if I can get the first book out and it is received well. Even now, as I work on the rewrite, threads are bursting forth that I am adding to the story that will lead to the next book. My estimate is that it will be a series of three books, with an ongoing plot that begins in book one, evolves and takes shape in book two, then drives for the finish in book three.

Graphical Elly

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Elly Frankenstein In the ongoing development of style for Elly Frankenstein, I’m slowly coming closer to what may be final. The more I evaluate how I plan to deliver the graphic novel, the more I believe a graphical black and white version makes a lot of sense. The cost of printing is much cheaper, and without having to colour and paint the pages saves a whole lot of time. So in conspiring an idea and releasing it into the market, efficiency is the best practice.

This is the graphical version of Elly, and with a few more tweaks, I’m feeling quite comfortable with the results. This image was inked and had tones applied in Manga Studio EX, which offers a bevy of utilities to organize and create the graphic novel. I still have to create turn arounds of the character and explore various expressions, how they would be conveyed. Then I would have to build some test pages.

Jerome the Unicorn

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This is one of the personal projects that I have been plugging away at when I have spare time. A children book that uses a unicorn as a foil for promoting personal individualism and value. Also, it’s an opportunity for me to explore an approach to visualizing an idea, and constructing a simple an effective story. I have written the story, and I have done several review edits throughout. To flush out the story, I estimate that it will require another 32 illustrations. Definitely, NOT going to happen overnight. The hope is that it will be picked up by a publisher, providing me the support to invest at least 6 months of time to complete the other illustrations.

[singlepic id=13 w=320 h=240 float=left]

This is the image I did for the cover of the book, Jerome the Unicorn, Another Ordinary Day. I wanted to take the unicorn idea outside the typical presentation style, as a immaculate horned horse, and present it as a stuffed doll. This softens the presentation, and gives it a friendlier face. I did the illustration in Painter 12 on a Cintiq 24HD tablet (all digital). This illustration is at an initial “close to completion” state, and I may adjust it further so that it works with an added title. The style was influenced by a number of sources, but overall it is a revision of the William Morris tapestries featuring unicorns. Then I added elements to the foreground, creating the stage like sensibility.


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