Graphical Elly

By September 10, 2012 Illustration, Writing

Elly Frankenstein In the ongoing development of style for Elly Frankenstein, I’m slowly coming closer to what may be final. The more I evaluate how I plan to deliver the graphic novel, the more I believe a graphical black and white version makes a lot of sense. The cost of printing is much cheaper, and without having to colour and paint the pages saves a whole lot of time. So in conspiring an idea and releasing it into the market, efficiency is the best practice.

This is the graphical version of Elly, and with a few more tweaks, I’m feeling quite comfortable with the results. This image was inked and had tones applied in Manga Studio EX, which offers a bevy of utilities to organize and create the graphic novel. I still have to create turn arounds of the character and explore various expressions, how they would be conveyed. Then I would have to build some test pages.


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