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Diversity in practice

By April 23, 2013September 24th, 2014Animation, Illustration

Along with a the variant of creative pursuits, I have work that keeps the business side fluid. It usually involves the assembly of e-Learning type resources, and the building of websites from multiple streams of the economy. And adding on fairly extensive design a layout projects, which is in line with my personal historic experience and education. I’m hands on, I manage at times, but I much prefer to stick my fingers into all facets of production. My brain swings from creative to technology, when programming, css or jquery is required.

When settled and I have time, I always come back to writing, illustrating or building something in 3D. I did some reworking of a cow illustration I did some time back, and made some adjustments that made the cow more presentable. I wanted to minimize the presentation of the udder so that it wasn’t overly out there, but was still apparent.┬áThis image evolved out of a story that revolved around a cow that moves to the city during the early 1950’s to work as a short order cook. Alice the cow… It was a time of change, when urbanization took hold in this country, and masses of people left their rural life , to chip out a place for themselves in the big city. For me, I’m thinking that it would be a great experience to take this cow and build a 3D model out of it. To be rigged so that the cow could transition from a typical quadrupedal to a bipedal stance.

Perhaps, rebrand the title to “Urban Cow”, and package it as a 13 x 22 minute CG animated series.