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Face value

By October 19, 2012General, Illustration

illustration of Elly

More exploration on style with Elly. I pulled these sketches together as a start to flushing out a standard approach for drawing Ellie’s face. It’s a process of defining position – front view, side view etc … and expressions.

Other Work – HTML5 and Me

We’re entering our full business cycle, and usually with that I shift to work at hand for Critical Fusion. Which involves website development, print design and e-learning application development. Changing hats and focusing on the whole equation rather than just creative. Major part of Critical Fusion is technology deployment.

One of the more contraversial development tools is html5. We get requests to deploy using html5, thinking that it may solve some of the cross-device issues in delivering content on traditional PC, tablets and mobile. Much of our e-Learning type apps are developed in flash which is compatible on all browsers, but does not run from the internet on tablets and smartphones. Although, if properly assembled, flash can be packaged and deployed as an app on iOS and Android platforms.

Whereas, html5, in a compilation of tools urged to work together to create a solution. General consensus is that there is no consensus of where html5 fits, and what purpose it is meant to serve. At this point, it is largely experimental, allowing some capacity to develop rich media from the internet. The critical issue is that it is unpredictable, and the development time can be dramatically longer than Flash, because you have to build specifically for each browser. So, for me – I will wade in carefully, but wait another day before I get serious about html5.