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Make it Vector

By March 5, 2014September 24th, 2014Illustration

Much of the illustration work I do is not autonomous, but part of a larger project. By trade, I’m a designer an illustrator, and that allows me to recreate assets that can be integrated into the layout of a resource which results in a consistent theme that is carried throughout. With illustrator, I can build very scalable vector based illustrations that can be adapted and used in flash, in print and imported into after effects and integrated into motion graphic sequences. Especially, with motion graphics, vectors work great because they have a transparent base and scale infinitely.

This series of vehicles were created for an interactive flash project on urbanization, and transferred over and re-utilized for other purposes.

And for Alberta Milk, a cover using illustration done exclusively in Adobe Illustrator, I was able to adapt the elements from the cover and reuse them throughout the layout of the print resource.