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Misconceptions in the Creative Business

By November 27, 2012General

I continue to work on and edit my graphic novel script, altering the flow, dialogue and character details. Streamlining the plot so that it focuses on the core of the story, and removing excess content that is not relevant to the success of the primary characters. It’s an ongoing process, and at times, I question if it’s all worth the effort. Alternate to most peoples preconceptions, creating a graphic novel is not a path to financial bliss. On the contrary, it’s quite the opposite. Massive amount of work, and very likely there may be not much of a return. There is always potential, but one should never bank on it.

At one time, this financial imbalance resided purely within the creative realm, artists and writers contributing excessive time to something that may not have any benefit to themselves. Then came along mobile application development. At first it was thought to be a big cash cow for those searching for instant riches.¬†App development became the defacto entreprenuurial pursuit for many who believe that this could provide them great financial returns. But as the industry evolved, trends began to program a completely different picture. With Apple’s apps store completely bloated, and adding an additional 200 applications daily, most applications find themselves buried amongst a clutter of me to material. Success is rare an getting fainter, with a third of the apps on the lower ranks barely scraping out maybe $200 per year in revenue. Average apps make more, but they also have much more capital invested into them.

Where to go now? Do what you love, I’ll continue to plod along investing my spare time into my book. I have been throwing around a change name as well, shifting Elly to Elizabeth Frankenstein. Provides it with a more grown up sensibility.